TOCC is a content production house

Our production premises consist of two floors, one for audio and one for visual production. However, we see every production as an individual. We don’t see different mediums or touch points, we see stories and content.

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TOCC is transmedial

We specialize in scalable concepts and audio identities. We realize that most of the content today needs to be scalable and transmedial. It also has to have the option of using sound as a communication channel. That is our approach to everything we produce and help you design. Our model is all about utilizing more touch points, whether present or future, audio or visual.

TOCC creates audio identities

In addition to our transmedial productions, at TOCC we create audio identities (sometimes referred to as audio or sonic branding), concepts and strategies to help brands integrate audio as a marketing communication tool. We know how to utilize and harness the potential of sound as an affective and memory-inducing medium.

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TOCC is free of mannerisms

We start from you and curate a production team according to your needs. We collaborate with the best talents in our vast network of creatives. Thats why we are always free of mannerisms.

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TOCC helps you to focus on business

So, as you focus on business, the scalability of content reduces overall production costs and lessens hassle. We have worked hard on a production model that all the parties involved can benefit from. We’re not new to this and as it happens, we really like coordinating projects to save your time, and we’re able to help you stand out in pitches with our deep understanding in scalability. So, even if you think you know who to call – CALL US!

TOCC does

Transmedial concepts, Project coordination, Animation, Live visuals, Localization, Post production, Event visuals, Film production, Motion graphics




Audio identities, Music strategies, Music production, Sound design, Audio post production, VO recording and more.


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